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Signature Programs

The Signature courses I’ve created were completed to help those transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur, do so with ease. Each course was created with modules, and action activities that you can apply directly to implementation within your business.

Your experience is valuable

Your skills are valuable

Create opportunity doing what you love!

Self Study / Independent

Work independently at your own pace. Ideal for those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.               



Group | Masterclass

An action packed super motivated on getting things done. Masterclasses are condensed programs with allot of  activity geared for immediate implementation.  Ideal for the technically savvy that want to move into launch mode – now!                                                         



We will build your online business together through a series of sessions, that allow you to be LIVE in an expedited amount of time. Ready to get started?

Virtual Assistant Startup Program

Ultimate Online Start up Program

Style of Study: Independent | Group | 1-on-1

Everything you need with step-by-step directions. This course contains all elements of my signature programs in addition to free access to the Online Connect Mastermind Group.
The Ultimate Online Start-up program was built for action takers ready to go from zero to profitable. From vision to implementation, exercises directly centered around your end goal, ready for launch and scale. This Program is ideal for Freelancers & Virtual Assistant service providers that want to make the shift from employee to entrepreneur.

Advanced Marketing 90 Day Program

90 Day Marketing Program | Advanced

Style of Study: Independent | Group | 1-on-1

This Step-by-step program targets marketing strategies for Freelancers & Virtual Assistants. 90 days of action – with real results. Create competitive offers, Ads, Evergreen funnels and harness tools for implementation and tracking.

Are you ready?

Keeping Accountable Startup Support

Online Group Connect | Mastermind

Style of Study:  Group | 1-on-1

As a Freelance or Virtual Assistant professional it is super important that you take action in meeting your daily, weekly and monthly targets and objectives.

Online Connect  is more than an accountability or mastermind group. With tasks associated with growing developing and scaling your business, you’ll be glad you have access to this  community.

Social Marketing Program

Social Marketing Kick-starter Program

Style of Study: Independent | Group | 1-on-1

Your clients and your business need to take center stage with social marketing. But how do you get through all that noise, as you try to grow your brand, attract new clients and implement the latest strategies?
Remove the passive actions and take center stage, showcasing your unique style, voice and story. Let’s establish your brand and messaging for future clients.
This program is hands on, and can be immediately implemented – We’re going to do it together from start to launch!

Online Strategy Program

Online Strategy Program

Style of Study:  Group | 1-on-1

The Online Strategy Program was exclusively designed with Freelancers & Virtual Assistants in mind, that are looking for more traction in getting results.
This program is action packed, with to-do’s and learning to help you stay ahead of the curve. Learn how to implement strategies that work, get peer-to-peer feedback and support as you grow your business with strategic online steps that have been battle tested.

30 days of Action – 30 Day’s of results!

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