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My name is Denise Powell, and I help online coaches, consultants and authors transition from online chaos and confusion, to clarity and profitability. I help my clients avoid costly mistakes, shiny object syndrome, technical overwhelm and the pit of procrastination (yes, it's a real place).

If you've tried to get your online business up and running but just couldn't get the results you were looking for, I wish we met sooner.

I've helped people that have spent thousands (maybe more), on complex, overwhelming techniques, resulting in zero return on investment - literally on the verge of giving up on their dream - out of sheer frustration.

Don’t give up!

With experience, a methodical approach to simplifying online strategies, measurable result oriented goals, that reduce the overwhelm for my clients - I’ve been able to assist them in obtaining quality leads with out exhausting sales tactics.

Save time, money & your sanity

When you have a supportive learning environment, you can better comprehend, what steps to take and what steps to avoid. Make a qualitative impact online, by taking a strategic approach to growth. When you recognize that you never stop learning ... and can commit to learning, you will be able to take your business further. It's time to Validate, Set up, Grow & Scale your online idea. Let's get started.

Denise Powell | Owner

Modern strategies, with proven techniques that lead to thriving sales

01Remove the guess work, frustration and lack of clarity with defined steps at each strategic phase

02Enough with the procrastination, self doubt and uncertainty 

03Convert your skills, talent and experience into a profitable online business that is uniquely yours

Say "Buh, bye" to procrastination ...

How to Thrive in any economy  | Startup Online Connect

Who wants to start growing?

High performance coaching & support programs, for online newbies.
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Signature Programs

Teda Mosty

Certified Life Coach

Robin Schratsky

Business Coach

Marsha Eriksen

Certified Life Coach

Barney Stinson

Business Coach

Lent Aldrin

Business CEO Coach

Tracy McConnell

Business Coach

Anna Harper

Product Design Coach

Maden Schmidt

Public Speaker Coach

Live Event | Let’s talk Leads
May 13 – 16, 2024

Mastermind Group | Startup Online Connect

New Coaches, Consultants, Speakers & Online Warriors

There's power in community, and Startup Online Connect is no exception. Get connected to members who are actively working and thriving in their business. Action packed content and modules, online events and conferences. Harness the power of community.

Learn, Network, Collaborate & Grow

Learning & Support Options

Group Coaching

Whether you're an "Online Newbie" or an "Established Vet" - you are welcome here. My small group sessions provide a practical, action packed learning environment to help you strategically move your online goals forward. Weekly group meetings, action plans with in-depth reviews - all from the comfort of your home. Let's get started ...

(Individual) High Performance Coaching

Ready to get results? We're going to get deep. This program is action packed to ensure that you get your idea set up and ready to scale. Get your idea validated, defined and online with a personalized "Road Map" to profit, using your passion, experience, skills and unique talents. From Online newbie to Online Boss - with zero time to waste.

Online Courses

These courses will help you at any stage of your business. Take your time, dive deeply into each training and learn as well as implement each module. Independent learning at your pace. Keep moving forward. *Gain access to my Mastermind Group Startup Online Connect - and start growing.

I get it! You want to start working "in" your business, not work "on" your business. I'll help you validate your offer, set up your online website, and provide you with your first evergreen funnel & online services, while you support your clients. Learn more

Benefits of coaching



Making the Transition from an "Employee" to an Online Boss takes allot of un-learning. Let's change the way we think, so that we can start transitioning to entrepreneurial freedom


Define & Validate

It's important to give your idea some TLC (tender love and care). We're going to get 'super' focused on what your actually offering, and establish a clear message for your offerings that are persuasive in the marketplace.


Learn & Implement

Each training component provides step-by-step instructions to help you move your business goals, forward. Interactive learning, not only helps you retain what you've learned, but also gives you the confidence to keep going based on measured metrics analysis and feedback.


Accountability & Support

Whether in a group or 1-on-1, we are both committed to your success. Accountability, modern strategies, clear expectations, and measured metrics, is at the core of what we offer.

"Let's Talk Leads ..."

Network, Collaborate & Grow

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June 14th

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