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How to create an evergreen sales funnel

Lead Generation … Simplified

An “Evergreen Sales Funnel” allows you to generate lead  that are already pre-qualified. This amazing strategy will help you save time, money and effort in growing your pipeline with qualified sales leads that convert effortlessly.

There’s no debate! Hands down creating an Evergreen Sales Funnel is by far the fastest way to generate leads for your products and services – literally overnight.


Here’s what we’re going to cover in this training …

This course contains  modules with action work (aka., homework) that will allow you to directly apply the training to your online business at each stage.  Each module has been transparently created based on modern marketing ‘best practice’ to allow participants to have a thorough knowledge of what they should do to implement their Evergreen Sales funnel with a strong foundation.

Define. Create. Implement. Repeat 

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the process and methodology you’ll be able to create muliple funnels for your service offerings, with ease – and repeat as needed.

The Evergreen Funnel - 101

Plan the Customer Journey

Identify & create assets based on the true needs of your audience

Modern implementation strategies

Step-by-step setup instructions and how to scale

Converting leads to actual sales

Identify free tools that you can use to get started - now!

Remove the guesswork

“This is such a game changer. I learned to do it myself with ease!

Michael T.

“WOW – I was actually able to create and implement the training and have been happily business converting leads ever since”

Andre E.

“I’m getting great results and using these in ads that work with minimal effort”

Christine Y.

Say “no” to:

Complicated processes

Frustration and confusion

Expensive tools

Buyers remorse

No Nonsense

Having purchased programs and courses in the past that were expensive and unyielding – I’ve made it my business to ensure that my clients are more than satisfied with each course that I’ve built. I am so happy to be offering this program to you.


Learn how to start an online business from scratch

My name is Denise Powell …

As a Project Manager & Business Analyst, I’ve spent years helping new and growing businesses tackle their daily to-do’s and special projects with skilled premium support.

My corporate life has allowed me to lead, create, support and overhaul some of largest organizations in Canada.

My experience has helped me to discover my passion in helping everyday people define and create online success.

Proudly Supporting the Online Movement

Ready for results – let ‘s get started!