The Ultimate Online Start up Program for Freelancers and Virtual Assistants - Denise Powell Group
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The Ultimate Ultimate Online Start up Program for Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

Create opportunity using your skills and experience doing what you love and truly enjoy. “The Ultimate Online Start up Program for Freelancers & Virtual Assistants” is my signature course with step-by-step instructions for successfully launching and scaling your online business.




Learn how to create, launch and scale your online business in less than 60 days.

Virtual Assistant Startup Program

Your skills are valuable

Your experience is valuable

Turn your passion into a profit

Transition from Employee to Online Boss  

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The Ultimate Online Startup Program

Ready to start your online business?

    Helping everyday people achieve online success

    Select your study type

    You’re in the driver’s seat …

    Select your preferred learning style based on your schedule and lifestyle, on selected programs.


    Work independently at your own pace. Ideal for those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

    Group Masterclass

    An action packed group – super motivated on getting things done. Masterclasses are condensed programs established at a fast pace with allot of  activity geared for immediate implementation.  Ideal for the technically savvy that want to move into launch mode – now!.

    1-ON-1 COMBO

    We will build your online business together through a series of sessions, that allow you to be LIVE in an expedited amount of time. Ready to get started?

    Sign up & get access to  $1000’s in bonuses and savings

    Freelance & Virtual Assistant Professionals are a growing workforce used by Corporations globally 

    • Decide on full time entrepreneurship or a part time home based business
    • Step-by-step actions from someone who’s been there and done it
    • Create your online business using your skills, experience & expertise
    • Get set up & started with confidence
    • Start a business doing what you know & enjoy
    • No more guess work
    • No more confusion


    Your skills are valuable!

    You’ll Learn How to …

    Move past the Employee mindset

    Earn $5K or more per month & repeat or do better

    Market your business with ease

    Obtain organic clients

    Get High Paying Customers

    Create a brand based on your unique voice

    Tap into our exclusive community of Freelance & Virtual Assistant professionals

    Just a few areas we’re going to cover …

    Module 1 | Mindset & Mind shift

    Module 2 | Tapping into what you know

    Module 3 | Branding & Messaging 

    Module 4 | Process & Flow

    Module 5 | Your online Presence

    Module 6 | Getting Organized

    Module 7 | Let’s Talk Legal 

    Module 8 | Marketing & Social Selling

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