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Denise powell Group Line

As a busy entrepreneur, there is no shortage on things you need to get done for your business. You may be short on time, resources and event skill-set for implementation.  Being trapped in the “busy work” of your business operation, can be frustrating, stressful and totally unproductive as you wear many hats to tackle your day-to-day to do list.

Combine administrative services to create a robust plan unique to your business

Getting access to versatile, low cost, skill based support can provide you with a flexible long or short term solution to tackling tasks and moving your business goals forward.  When you have a trusted local team that’s focused on providing qualitative work, making a positive impact on your tasks and special projects – you can get back to doing what you do best.

As a Virtual Assistant or Remote Worker, myself and team provide a personalized approach to helping you manage your day with access to skills and resources to help you grow your business. With over 20 years of experience supporting large and small organizations across Canada, USA & UK we are thrilled at the services we are able to provide, and actively stay up to date with current technology and trends.


Premium Virtual Support when you need it!

How does it work?


1.  Book a discussion time …

      2. Select Your Plan …

3. Say “bye-bye” task list …

Lets get started …

Book a free (no obligation) discussion and let’s see how we can tailor our solutions to meet the uniqueness of your business.





Calendar Mgt

Data entry

Presentation Creation

File Management


Vendor / Client Follow-up

Online Reception

Customer Service Agent

Reports, Charts & Graphs

Brand Development

Brand strategy

Graphic Design & Messaging

Media Source

Audience Targeting

Media Kit

Coaching 1:1

Supportive Strategy Sessions

Action Plan Development

Online Program Development

Tools & Resources For Success

Group Coaching Available

Local Event Planning

Program Development

Proposal Packages Available

Venue Sourcing

Technology Assessment & Coordination

Venue Sourcing

Management of Printed Materials

Social Media Mgt

Calendar Mgt

Audience Tartgeting

Structured Scheduling

Content Creation

Monthly Reporting & Assessment

Have a question?

Let’s connect & discuss your business.

Lead Generation

Strategically define audience & targets

Weekly research of leads & prospects

Source prospect data

Status tracking

CRM Management

Customized pipeline strategy

Marketing & Campaign Mgt

Digital Marketing

Social Media Platform Integration

Funnel Marketing

SEO Harmony

Email Marketing

Web Design & Hosting

Strategic Deveopment

Packages Available For Monthly Maintenance

Hosting & Domain Registration (your name)

Calendar Mgt




Woocart Integration



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Toronto, Canada

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine

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Lee-Ann Alexis Thompson

Scarborough, Canada

Coilies Natural Hair

& Skincare

Toronto, Canada


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Easy Go Care

Toronto, Canada

Testimonials &

Community Events …