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Startup Online Connect Mastermind Group

What is Online Connect?

Start up Online Connect is a Mastermind Group created exclusively for Freelance, Virtual Assistants and online service professionals.

Our community was designed to not only assist those in transition from “Employee to online BOSS”, but also help those ready to scale.

This program was designed to create accountability and motivation around growth actions, targets and objectives created to help you move your goals forward. But, it’s also important that you learn grow and stay motivated.

It’s all about the marathon … and sometimes there actually is a sprint …


There’s power in community

You’re not alone. The challenges are real, when it comes to breaking down barriers, thinking differently and letting go of the employee mindset.  With a collaborative community we make it easy.

Get organized, super focused as you take deliberate action towards progress with our exclusive mastermind group dedicated to  online service professionals.

Harness the Power of Community

Let’s get started

    Harness the Power of Community



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    Mastermind Group Startup Startup Online Connect
    Mastermind Group Startup Online Connect