How to Create a Digital Asset - Denise Powell Group
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How to create a Digital Asset & Lead Magnet

Learn How to Create a Digital Asset that Converts

Let’s get your content working for you! This course was designed to help you create modern Digital Assets and content that will not only be useful to your audience base, but also help you generate fluid leads that are easy to convert to actual sales.

Supportive | Modern | Result Driven

    What you’ll learn …

    How to identify the needs of your audience

    Modern Strategies That Convert

    Define & Create Your Asset

    How to Market Your Digital Asset

    What to avoid

    I put an end to the “If I build it will they come …” approach to lead gen. I could kick myself for all the time wasting – SMH LOL

    Greta M.

    My first digital asset using Denise’s methodology generated 22 leads from an AD that I did, less than 3 days. My website wasn’t even finished, and the creative elements of the digital asset weren’t even really finished. I know that with this application I can create digital tools with confidence to support my audience.

    Michelle R.

    I have a much better understanding of how to approach my digital content as well as how to deliver it. Hands down – I already see the benefits

    Andre E.

    Great course info! Very well put together and thorough. Great job Dee

    Sunnil R.

    Learn how to create digital assets that do the Lead Generation work for you …

    Step-by-step Instructions

    Modern content

    Discover ingredients that are key

    Homework applied directly to your business

    Define + Create & Implement

    Ready for results?  

    Let’s get started

      Learn how to start an online business from scratch
      My name is Denise Powell …

      As a Project Manager & Business Analyst, I’ve spent years helping new and growing businesses tackle their daily to-do’s and special projects with skilled premium support.


      My corporate life has allowed me to lead, create, support and overhaul some of largest organizations in Canada. I’ve spent my time doing the ‘heavy lifting’ so that you don’t have to. My experience has helped me to discover my passion in helping everyday people define and create online success.

      Proudly Supporting Online Entrepreneurs