Growth Hacks: Creating a Positive Image | Direct Sales - Denise Powell Group
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Growth Hacks: Creating a Positive Image | Direct Sales

If you’re a company that generates or supplies client acquisition activity for other businesses, you know that your online reputation matters. Providing service(s) to help your clients expand their client base or potential reach via Direct Sales must start with your business having a strong reputation. Recognizing how your immediate online business presence is perceived in the market place is crucial to growth and assists in maintaining a level of professional brand recognition.

It can be tough, when you’re in the Direct Sales industry, as your immediate sales team may not be solid, or equally passionate about organizational growth, and or continue to perpetuate a constant state of ‘turn over’. Obtaining steady growth can be hindered by not having a positive online presence for procuring new talent or showcasing your industry authority within the market. In a nutshell It translates that’s something is wrong, or issues a red flag to potential client prospects.


Here are a few tips to help change the online messaging or stigma that may be attached to your organization:


  1. Dedicate resources to building your online authority
  2. Review Your Online Presence
  3. Take Action Being Active Addressing Challenges
  4. Continue to Establish Real Online Content To Support Your Client Base
  5. Don’t Give Your Target Audience The Opportunity To Worry
  6. Showcase Your Brand Authority & Tell Your Growth Story

As an Online Business Manager, I’ve seen it time and time again in the Direct Sales Industry. Countless organizations, fall out of focus by attempting to hide online due to negative feedback, halt in creating fresh new content and feel nauseous when engaging online out of fear for negative feedback, or avoid having to explain any challenges.

Helping organizations improve their online presence and build brand authority are a specialty, and is a focus of Denise Powell Group. Challenges arise but we have the professional level of support in place to help you change the immediate perception of your brand online. This is your business and your passion needs to be shared so that future prospects can see that you are “in it” to win.

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