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Create Opportunity Series: 07 How to Transition from Employee to an Online BOSS

DPG Startup Mindset

Create Opportunity Series: 07 How to Transition from Employee to an Online BOSS

So, you’ve made the decision to start and grow your online service based business using your experience, special skills and talent.


Now you’re moving into unchartered territory (so to speak) because, although it’s been done by so many over the years – it’s your time to “step-up-to-bat” and figure out what to do next.

With so many strategies out there, and so many tools, apps and information floating around – it’s very easy to fall victim to ‘shiny object’ syndrome and chase strategies down the perpetual rabbit hole

Well, not any more. I’ve created a process that will allow you to implement a ‘real’ strategy that’s not going to hijack your wallet, cause you to trip over yourself.

How to start an online business from scratch

My name Denise Powell and I help online newbies, create thriving online businesses from scratch doing what they know and love. Helping everyday people tap into their experience, skillset, and talents to create profitable businesses that they can scale organically is not an easy undertaking. With experience and successful methodologies, I help “action takers” accelerate their results and create the freedom they desire.

Before we begin here are a few things that you need to be very aware of:


You're awesome so while on the job - be on the job

Your 9-5, already knows that you are super and awesome so don’t get ahead of yourself. Separate your time to respect your current employer. Do not allow your worlds to collide. Respect where you are so you don’t interfere with where you’re going.


Your Time is very Valuable

Your schedule is your secret weapon – so use it well. Your 5pm to 9pm (… or free time) is your time to crush it. You’re committed to moving forward and you can totally do this! You don’t need permission to be fabulous!


Use wisdom

Appreciate where you are and move forward – strategically.


Don't Rush to Quit Your Day Job

There are some that would say – you should quit so you can focus and feel the importance of ‘making it’ work. – I disagree. You don’t need the added stress of trying to figure things out on the fly. There’s enough to do, in addition to paying your current bills and taking care of your family without the added stress of trying to grow your online brand and immediately get your first sale .

You’ve got this! Let’s jump into today’s post …

I’ve been able to help a number of online businesses start, grow and scale their online business by being very deliberate with what they do, on a daily basis …  and you can too.


Check out the competition but fall into a “hypnotic spell” over the competition. By this I mean, it’s good to have a sense of what’s working for them, have an idea of how much they charge so that you can remain competitive, but you don’t need to hit refresh on your laptop on their site 24hours a day 7 days a week. Knowing what the going rate is for similar services is important so that you remain competitive but remember you are “UNIQUELY” you and allowed to be yourself and run your business your way.


Choose your ideal niche: This can be a game changer as you get started in offering services, as you’ll quickly be able to support industries that you have experience in working with and helping as well as what their challenges are. One of the great things about using your experience to start an online service business is your already aware of what the potential challenges are within that industry as well as how to quickly provide help to them. If you need help with this – get access to a free guide that will help you dive into identifying your niche and ideal target audience.


Define your service offering as a solution: qualify them as either small ticket, medium ticket or big-ticket services. Doing this will allow you to create pricing around them as either low value, medium value or big value. Typically, these are stand alone services but they can be grouped into a robust offering. Give yourself a working target of what your small ticket service offering charges are and what your big-ticket service offering are. Your small ticket service offerings consist of services that you do very well, quickly and are priced on a non-painful minimum target value. How do you set your basic or minimum charge for a set service? It’s using a combination of what the going rate is competitively for that service in addition to “you” identifying what this service is worth to you. Example: a stand along service can be social media management (no ads), starting at $297/month. A robust “Big Ticket” offering can be Online Business management which includes Social Media management (no ads) + Funnel Creation & Launch $1897.  Big difference, right!?!    It’s also important to note that “it’s all about the details” required for each offering.  Creating a base will help you to manage your offerings and how they’re grouped so that you know exactly what’s expected and can convey this to clients. Need help identifying services that “pay”? Claim access to my free Top 20 Service Listing and add them to your offerings!

Claim Your Free Guide of the Top Services in Demand – Right Now! Add them to your arsenal …


Set monthly Targets to keep your finances in order. Monthly targets keep your online goals on track, and ensure that you have ‘enough’ revenue coming in.  Example: at bare minimum if you need to have $3K in your account every month you might decide that you need to sell x6 $500 packages to hit your target for a set service. This will help you to get accustomed to setting targets that are obtainable for your services. For most newbies they tend to blend their services so that they sell a combination of small, medium and big-ticket services each month to meet their bare minimum monthly target or to help them advance to a better month end (example:  lifestyle changer) Big monthly target. Deciding what to charge as you get started, can and (should) change as you become more established in building your credibility, gain clientele and experience in your new business


I’d like to spend a bit more time on the Big Monthly Target … Understand that you can change your lifestyle based on how you plan your online business and the targets you set and work towards each month. What is a big monthly target for you? Is it having a $4K , $5K or $20K month a game changer? If you haven’t already done so, identify which of your services you would qualify as a ‘big Ticket’ and how many of them it would take for you to get to your monthly “Big Monthly Target”. Don’t think you have a big ticket service? Then, create a package around your services and sell them as such.  This will help you to meet your newly created targets faster. By combining 2 or even 3 services you will likely have less clients which will give you a chance to develop a deeper relationship with them (say 3 to 4 clients a month). What is your BIG Monthly Target? What services can you combine to get closer to your monthly Big Goal?

Once you work through these possible grey areas or refine them – can see a big difference in your online business which will definitely help you transition from Employee to Online Boss much faster

If you’re still trying to figure things out – I would love the opportunity to connect with you help you move your online goals forward.

If you haven’t already done so – grab a copy of my latest resources The Online Business Planner which is over 20 pages of step-by-step instructions for you to apply directly to your business helping you get started and get some leads through organic best practices.

Don’t forget to connect to my weekly live discussion series “More than Coffee …” for new entrepreneurs getting started in their online business from quick tips, Q&A, motivation and hot topics to help you keep moving forward.  Saturdays at 11AM EST


If you’re looking for a place to share your services and tell your story – visit the Online Boss Network. For a Limited time I am offering a free spotlight feature to help people gain authority, build awareness and share their online news. Get registered & get connected.


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