Create Opportunity Series 06: Your Online Business Plan - Denise Powell Group
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Online Business Plan

Create Opportunity Series 06: Your Online Business Plan

It’s time to get to work …

Online Business Plan
Keeping track of what works and what needs improvement - ensures that you don't waste time or money on strategies that don't resonate with your audience.
Denise Powell

Your Online Business Plan is a key resource to help you identify, define, implement, launch and track the success of your online business.

Identify: Services based on your unique experience and skillset

Define an Online Business Summary (Mission, Goal, Purpose)

Define your ideal audience

Get ``Niched``

Develop a methodology for lead generation, on boarding and implementation of your services

20 pages for you to apply directly to your business – for amazing results!

Competitive analysis - Who's your competition and what are they up to?

Create key offers

Define and implement your online Marketing strategy

Learn how to build a lead generation pipeline from scratch!

You’ll be able to create and implement a strategy for your services that ensures the longevity of your business by tapping in your audience base, deliberate implementation of a marketing campaign centered around your target audience and their needs.

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