Create Opportunity Series 05: The More than Coffee - Special Weekly Event - Denise Powell Group
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Create Opportunity Series 05: The More than Coffee – Special Weekly Event

Create Opportunity Series 05: The More than Coffee – Special Weekly Event

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    Weekly | Saturday’s Morning @ 11AM (Eastern Standard)

    “More than Coffee …” is an online event created to help new online service based professionals get the much needed support they’ve been looking for. 


     Ideally, “More than Coffee …” is  for anyone that’s just not sure how to get started in their online business, frustrated by a lack of online traction, tired of complicated expensive strategies that may or may not work – and for those tired of the online noise.

    For anyone that has made the decision to use their experience, skills, and education to start an online service based  business of their very own – on their terms – you’ve got some work ahead of you.

    You’ll quickly learn that it takes more than a url and an awesome wordpress theme to have a thriving business that you can scale.
    Denise Powell


    The online world is in a constant state of evolution, and ever changing from rules and algorithms. Not to mention, with  so many online strategies out there, (what seems like) an infinite number of tools, and a guru on every corner – how do you move through the online noise? 

    So, how do everyday people achieve online success?

    Believe it or not, you can get traction, grow your brand and showcase your services to  potential customers that really are looking for your services …  without spending thousands of dollars, implementing ridiculous strategies that border on spam or invasion of privacy.

    Who’s this one for? Well, if you’ve ever wondered … 

    Wondering how to transition skills & experience into services that sell

    Wondering who my services will actually help (... stop marketing to the wrong peeps)

    Feeling defeated and tripping over motivational issues

    Wondering how to transition from employee to ‘Online Boss’

    Not sure what to do to obtain growth, get leads, or even have sales

    Is this thing on? (tap tap) Learn how to market and create messaging that speaks to your online client base.

    We’re going to connect every Saturday and work through barriers, roadblocks and move into action with confidence.

    Grab your favorite morning beverage – we’re going to dive into some hot topics with key takeaways for us to add & implement right away!

    Weekly | Saturday’s Morning @ 11AM (Eastern Standard)

    more than coffee

    If you’re ready to:

    Stay focused and accountable to your online vision & goals

    Identify strategies that work - now, and later

    Get started doing what you know and enjoy as a service

    Understand the steps to take to create an online business of your very own

    Identify services that are in demand that you can add to your arsenal

    Strategies and growth opportunities that you can implement with ease again and again

    Celebrate success, wins and making progress

    Tap into actions that can help you transition from employee into an Online Boss

    In a nutshell “More than Coffee …” is near and dear to my heart, because it allows us to have a casual chat on starting and scaling your online business – over a cup of coffee (or your favorite morning beverage), all from the comfort of your home, every week.

    “More than Coffee …” | Weekly Online Event | Saturday’s at 11am | Hosted by: Denise Powell

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    "More than Coffee ..."

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