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How to Define Your Target Audience, how to get clients, client avatar
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Create Opportunity Series 04: How to Define Your Target Audience

How to define your target audience

    Understanding ‘who’ your business will serve is single handedly the biggest step you can take to achieving success in your online business.

    It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your online service based business can serve ‘everyone’.

    Yup – the world  is your target audience … but this can be a very expensive mistake!

    Stop wasting ad money, stop wasting time ...
    Denise Powell

    You may truly want to serve “everyone” in the world. But, in reality not everyone is in need of what you’re offering… (facts).

    In the end, the sooner you establish “who” your ideal clients are, the better off you’ll be. No more wasting money on marketing ads that get ignored, no more time wasting on ‘pitching’ to the wrong people.

    You’ll save a lot of time and money on marketing and creative efforts.

    We’re going to get super focused by:

    defining 'who' our ideal client will be

    speak directly to them (audience)

    providing a clear message on understanding their struggles and needs so that we can offer solutions that WOW 'em every time.

    ensuring our offers are in line with their needs

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