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90 Day Marketing Program

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Program Overview:

Advanced Marketing 90 Day Program
The purpose of the 90 Day Marketing Program is to help participants have a better understanding and effectively set-up and implement campaigns and  processes of modern marketing strategies. No more ancient technics that are no longer effective. 
This Step-by-step program targets marketing strategies for service based professionals. 90 days of action – with real results.
Create competitive offers, learn more above effective Ads, Evergreen funnels and harness tools for implementation and tracking. Ideal for those new to marketing their online business, or for those that need modern technics that yield great results…Are you ready?

    Select your study type

    You’re in the driver’s seat …

    Select your preferred learning style based on your schedule and lifestyle, on selected programs.


    Work independently at your own pace. Ideal for those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

    Group Masterclass

    An action packed group – super motivated on getting things done. Masterclasses are condensed programs established at a fast pace with allot of  activity geared for immediate implementation.  Ideal for the technically savvy that want to move into launch mode – now!.

    1-ON-1 COMBO

    We will build your online business together through a series of sessions, that allow you to be LIVE in an expedited amount of time. Ready to get started?

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    Freelance & Virtual Assistant Professionals are a growing workforce used by Corporations globally 

      • Create and implement modern online strategies
      • Ideal for first timers or those brushing up on their skills
      • Discover trends & organic growth strategies
      • Create and implement your marketing strategy
      • Techniques for Ads or free range campaigns
      • Define your audience (psst – your audience isn’t everybody)
      • Tools and resources
      • Goal setting and targets
      • Lead Magnets & funnels
      • CRM’s, Bot’s & Auto responder’s
      • Intro to paid Ads
      • Organizing your offers for amazing results
      • & more …


    No more guess work

    No more confusion

    Just a few things we’re going to cover  …

    Module 1 | Marketing 101
    Module 2 | Your Brand Your Message
    Module 3 | Social Media & Connection
    Module 4 | Tools and Resources
    Module 5 | Goal Setting & The Purpose Behind Your Campaign

    Getting things done… 

    Modules: 6 thru 9

    Module 6 | Strategies That Yield Results
    Module 7 | Let’s get to work | Putting it together…
    Module 8 | Moving Past Prep Mode
    Module 9 | Ready to Launch

    Let’s get results


    Mastermind Group Startup Startup Online Connect
    9 Modules with Over 46 Categories

    Step-by-step exercises to create and launch your strategic vision

    Early bird registration or waitlist sign up gain access to ``Online Group Connect`` (Mastermind)

    Completed Participants gain access to the 'Action = Results' challenge

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    Advanced Marketing 90 Day Program

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        Mastermind Group Startup Startup Online Connect
        Startup Online Connect |  Mastermind Group 

        Online Connect, is a Mastermind created just for you! As a Freelance, Virtual Assistant or Online Service professional, it is so important that you take action in meeting your daily, weekly and monthly targets and objectives. Harness the power of community as you learn, share and grow. (Included with Signature Courses)

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        This program includes exclusive access to our “Action Challenges” which were created to enhance your start up success even further. You’ll receive invitation to join each of the 4 unique challenges geared to kick your start up progress into scale up mode. Exclusive to wait list and early bird registration only

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